About us

As experts with know-how in various fields, we are completely aware of the great importance of each segment of the business, whether it is about the establishment of a startup or the company’s further development and growth.

We created Level Up Consulting with a team of professionals with deep expertise in order to provide you with end-to-end solutions for your business and  to offer you tailor-made services and strategies in compliance with your specific needs.

Each and everyone of the experts of Level Up Consulting is working as a team in order to come up with the most favourable solution to your problem and to give you the most precise direction for the development of your company and business.

Inspiration is a must…leave the rest to us.

Expert funding and finance
Giovanni Viganò
International Fund Raising Expert
Zhitomir Djungurov
CEO, co-founder and project management expert
COO and business development management
Yoanna Savova
COO, co-founder and business strategy consulting expert
Expert sales and marketing
Kremena Palyonova – Schwarz
Sales consulting expert
Expert personal development
Mouses Nalocca
coach and corporate trainer
Expert finance
Ivan Kitov
Finance consulting expert
Expert PR, events and talent management
Totka Spasova
PR and Event consulting expert
Експерт маркетинг и реклама
Teodora Atanasova
Digital marketing specialist
Switch The Language

    Като експерти със значителен опит в различни сфери ние отлично разбираме от какво огромно значение е всеки един сегмент от бизнеса и не само, независимо дали се касае до стартираща компания или до по-нататъшното развитие и растеж на бизнеса.


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